plakat-previewOn November, 26th we organized an event honoring the day of struggle against use of natural animal's fur. The event was organized on the location of Mitic's park at Slavia square from 1400 to 1600 hours. By setting our informative-educational stand and by distributing flyers titled "Stop with Cruelty! Put on Humanity!"

"Farmers" are people that in their private life do not have any knowledge about animals they have to work with. In short - they are not capable to take an adequate care of them. Because of that, several chickens died. Responsibility would be shared between TV production, "Farmers" and owners who "hired out" their animals to act "live props".

Once again a dog was killed. In the close neighborhood of the place where female dog Mila has been crippled some half a year ago, unknown person killed a dog. Is that only a coincidence or a message sent by a psychopath?

Period between 4th and 10th of October is being known as the World Animal Week.  Organizations from around the world use this opportunity to remind the public on importance of animals in our lives, as well as problems associated with the topic.

dan-napustenih-plakatThis year, organization Feniks marked this day by organizing the street-stand on Slavija square, together with colleagues from organizations Help Animals, Freedom for Animals and NOA, where abandoned animals were being offered for adoption and info-educational material distributed to citizens.

Taking in account a very high audience rating of the Show and the fact that "Farma" was broadcast on a national frequency, the management of TV Pink should be aware of the social responsibility for what and how they present their program to the widest auditorium including large number of children.

On June 10th and 11th, 2010 a show of civil societies was organized in Belgrade under the name “Through Partnership towards Europe”. Our Phoenix Society participated as a guest of the Belgrade's Municipality of Mladenovac and Animal Protection Society “Mladenovac”.

On April 25, 2010 at high noon, the protest gathering named "STOP to Animal Abuse" was held in front of the Belgrade's City Hall (The Old Court). The Protest was organized by The Animal Protection Society "European Initiative 17" and The Society for the Protection of Animals and Development of Civic Consciousness "Phoenix". The Protest was organized in favor of female dog Mila, the victim of yet unknown malefactor that cut off all her four paws and also in favor of other recently abused or killed animals in Serbia. From the Protest a message was sent to all kinds of violators that we will fight them and that we won't allow their brutal and savage minority to overcome vast civilized majority in our City and Country.

In honor of April, 24 - The World Day of Laboratory Animals - our Society organized an info/educational stand and fostering of abandoned animals in a park nearby the main Belgrade's square Slavija.

A new tax has been introduced on pet owners that could be also called "tax on being gentle and human".