The reality TV show called Farm, broadcast by TV Pink, is cultural, psychological, sociological, philosophical, etc phenomenon of our reality. In the country where the positive values were have been lost (if ever existed), in the country where the most important thing would be having money which can buy all, in the country where mainstream would be cheapness of everybody and everything everywhere, in such a country the reality TV show The Farm has incredibly high viewer rating. The vast majority of people sits in front of their TV receivers and watch whatever happens there. Panem et Circeneses has been cure for moral and material misery since invented by Ancient Romans very long ago.

During the Farm I (the first serial) our Society reacted on slaughter of a turkey. We sent a letter of protest to Mr. Mitrović owner of TV Pink, and a complaint to the Veterinarian Inspection of the Republic of Serbia. Few media made our protest publicly known. There wasn't any answer neither from the Inspection nor from Mr. Mitrović, but the TV slaughters were stopped. The Law on Animals Welfare (in power since June 2009) had prohibited them and obviously the Inspection warned the "Farmers".

During the Farm II we reacted on death of cow Bilja. Media reported on skirmish among farmers about who was responsible for cow Bilja's death, the owner refused autopsy, poor Bilja was buried somewhere and this story wasn't of interest any more.

The Farm III has been in progress. The dynamics of behavior has been still based on ignorance, negligence, irresponsibility and incompetence when working or communicating with animals. "Farmers" are people that in their private life do not have any knowledge about animals they have to work with. In short - they are not capable to take an adequate care of them. Because of that, several chickens died. Responsibility would be shared between TV production, "Farmers" and owners who "hired out" their animals to act "live props". Will it be neglected as a collateral damage? Will the veterinarian on duty there react and report what happened? Will any of "Farmers" think of his own responsibility and what massage they send, because the show attracts large number of young viewers? Will Pink TV, as the owner of national frequency (that speaks about viewers rating, but also about their responsibility) show at least minimum of this responsibility and take part in education about animal's protection. Nowadays, when many of us make efforts to change behavior towards animals, their production team treats them as objects for spending. If they didn't have any experience in The Farm I, now in The Farm III it is quite clear that the animals taking part in the show were sacrificed in advance. It is clear, also, that performers are not experienced and taking care of animals which implies wish and will, knowledge and ability that they were lacking. It is obvious that in each serial some of experienced performers were cast, but their staying on the farm has not been secured.

We do not claim "call off" animals, but to reduce their number to a minimum, that "Farmers" should be educated, permanent veterinarian and owner's supervision and strict rules about number and selection of "Farmers" engaged in taking care of animals and the way they do it. That is a sad fact that death of an animal equaled a wrongly put nail or wrongly put a plank on set.