Once again a dog was killed. In the close neighborhood of the place where female dog Mila has been crippled some half a year ago, unknown person killed a dog. Is that only a coincidence or a message sent by a psychopath?

According to the Article 269 of the Penal Code, for killing, torturing or abuse of animals a fine or sentence up to one year has been provided. Maybe this murder wouldn't happen if the person that that crippled Mila had been caught in the meantime. What we do know for sure is that when overall violence has been escalating in the milieu where human life has a very low price, life of an animal must have an even lower one. We know, as well, that the abuse and killing of animals is in close correlation with abusing and killing people. A person that can abuse or kill animals is able to do the same to men. A common characteristic to all serial killers was that they used to abuse animals while being children and adolescents.

This has been recognized in legislature of many civilized countries as an essential prerequisite for prevention of violence in general. Therefore, prevention labor has been well developed and abuse and killing of animals has been severely punished. We experience lack of adequate prevention and sanctions, as well.  Still, life of an animal has not been valued properly here, so that it's endangering should be adequately prevented and sanction zed. Still, there is not enough importance attached to correlations between abuse of animals and abuse of people. What else should happen to us to understand this?

The Authorities responsible do not act and take adequate measures to investigate the crime committed and that sends the message of support to every abuser and killer to continue their activities. Do we tolerate animal abuse as a kind of substitute for abuse of men? Is that the reason why we do not have prevention and sanctions? How long the Authorities need to accept the fact that there is only one step from abuse of animals to abuse of men? There are many questions, but the answer is only one: we demand that Authorities should do their work i.e. investigate this crime and find the killer.