tribina-nasilje-055_sOn initiative of the Society Humans for Animals, on September 27, a Discussion on Animals Abuse was organized in Youth Center in Belgrade.

The campaign  led by members of The European  Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE) known as “Say No to Cruel Cosmetics” was initiated in order to prevent a delay to the EU’s 2013 deadline of marketing  ban of animal tested cosmetics.

During last days of August 2011, a dog has been mutilated in the town of Smederevo, Serbia. His fore left and hind left paws were cut off. Few days before that happened, in town of Kraljevo, Serbia, the neck of a dog was skinned and the dog left bleeding to death.


The European Union has been obliged to get free from all new cosmetic products tested on animals by the beginning of 2013. However, the European Union Authorities consider extending this deadline in spite of the strong public opposition against cosmetic products tested on animals and in spite of the current ban on testing cosmetic products on animals in EU countries, as well.

sajam_ocd-standAt our stand, citizens of  Belgrade had opportunity to find information about everything they were interested in concerning animal protection and to learn about the three campaigns we have recently started ,,Be a Part of a Solution and not of a Problem“, ,,Clean and Beautiful Without Cruelty“ and ,,Take off Cruelty, Put on Humanity“.

Sixty non-governmental organizations will present their work, including also our ,,Fenix“ Society. At our stand, citizens will get information about everything that they find interesting in animal protection area and to learn about the campaigns we have started.

Etela was an artist, painter and a great animal lover. Etela left behind her a daughter and a son and hundreds of dogs and cats to whom she saved lives puting them up in her asilum.

The main topics were: a new proposal of The Regulations for Keeping Domestic Animals on Territory of The City of Novi Sad; building of a new shelter/asylum for abandoned animals; a program for solving the problem of abandoned animals and The CNR Program as an inevitable segment of solving the problem of abandoned animals.

And, after 'The Farm'.... comes 'The Court'! Again one TV reality show in which misuse of animals serve to entertain audience. The Pink TV persists in careless attitude towards animals.

Abandoned dogs and cats are still being killed in Serbia. Dog catchers, without any training, catch stray animals by using more or less damaging force, by using contraptions that hurt and might kill. Without a bit of compassion and without a trace of empathy, they treat abandoned animals like garbage.