Štand na Slaviji Flajer
Štand na Slaviji

On November, 26th we organized an event honoring the day of struggle against use of natural animal's fur. The event was organized on the location of Mitic's park at Slavia square from 1400 to 1600 hours. By setting our informative-educational stand and by distributing flyers titled "Stop with Cruelty! Put on Humanity!" Since 1986, this day has been always on last Friday in November and known as Fur-Free Friday. On this day all the animal's protection societies worldwide remind by their public activities that use of natural fur lost its original sense and purpose that it had until the middle of the last century and that nowadays represent nothing but a status symbol.

Since many true fur copies made from artificial materials have been available, to wear or to wear not natural fur became criterion of everybody's conscience and humanity, because it is very well known that natural fur has been produced in a particularly cruel way. The fur animals live on farms in very poor conditions. They killed them by most cruel and inefficient methods and therefore most of them happen to be skinned while still alive. For every moral person this would be a sufficient reason to boycott natural furs industry and in such a way contribute to their bankruptcy.