A new tax has been introduced on pet owners that could be also called "tax on being gentle and human".

The tax won't solve the problem of abandoned dogs and cats. The owners that throw their pets out on streets do not put any chips on them, they do not vaccinate or sterilize them anyway and they are not registrated at all. So, the tax will be payed only by those owners that fostered one or more animals and those that take care of stray dogs and cats on their own expense, without any support from the city authorities.

Also, the tax won't solve the problem of breeders that most frequently couple their dogs to earn more money by selling puppies and trowing out surplus ones. This problem could be solved only by an regulatory act which should be issued already according to The Low on Animal's Welfare.

Why to raise the same tax on owners that fostered a stray dogs or cats and owners that payed few hundred euros to buy purebred animals with intention to earn money by coupling them?

We ask the authorities concerned to make an reasonable order of regulations and to avoid raising pointless measures.