The societies for the protection of animals “Freedom for Animals”, “Phoenix” and “Humans for Animals” have organised a meeting that will be held in front of the monument to Prince Mihailo on Republic Square in Belgrade, and will run from 11:55 to 14:00. Symbolically, the meeting is going to start at 5 minutes to 12:00 in order to emphasize the urgent need to start the implementation of the animal welfare laws.

Societies for the protection of animals published a letter on social networks  to remind the citizens of Serbia that it was Dragan Djilas, the mayor of Belgrade who banned the long-standing practice of catching and brutally killing stray animals and by doing so Belgrade became one of only a few cities in Europe and beyond where it is against the law to kill stray animals.

The House of Youth  and Society "Humans for Animals" organised a tribune named "Rehoming" on February, 7 2012. Mrs Tamara Dzamonja-Ignjatovic, the Psychology Professor at The Facultee for Political Sciencies spoke about beneficial effect that pets have on children. She also presented her book with title "His Majesty the Pet". Mrs Milica Rankovic, president of the "Phoenix" Society spoke about new City (of Belgrade) regulations on keeping domestic animals and pets and Mrs Natasa Vukmirovic, president of the Society "Humans for Animals" spoke about rehoming as the only right solution for abandoned animals, the solution that is most human aspect in taking care about them and the most efficient way in which citizens can contribute to solving the problem of abandoned animals.
By the end of December 2011 The City Council of Belgrade, an annual tax of 30.000 Serbian dinars was raised on keeping "dangerous" dogs. As "dangerous" dogs there were identified stafford terriers, bull terriers, pit bull terriers and their bastards. The position of our Society has been that something as "dangerous" dog doesn't exist, but only irresponsible owner and that, by raising the tax, sporadic attacks of those dogs on people will not be prevented. On the contrary, raising of the tax will provoke owners to throw them out on streets that would make problem of abandoned dogs more complicated. The problems could be solved by carrying out strictly already existing regulations.
A representative of our Society attended a two-day (15-16th of December 2011) workshop held on welfare of the animals used for experimental and scientific purposes.

otrovEarly in December on an entrance door window to a building in one of Belgrade downtown streets, passers-by could notice a paper where there was a message written containing a poisoning threat addressed to dog owners who walk their pets in the neighbourhood.

The protest gathering was reaction to a statement of the Director of Veterinary Administration on October 18, broadcast on First Channel of Radiotelevision of Serbia announcing possible changes of the Animal Welfare Law.

Any possible modification of the Animal Wellfare Law, announced by the Director of Veterinary Administration on October 18, 2011 we find unusual for only one reason: the Animal Wellfare Law has not been put into effect yet.

u-knezuDuring last 10 days a media chase on stray dog has been raised in Belgrade. In this period two accidents happened in which owned dogs took part and an embarrassing situation with stray dogs.

idea-donacijaCompanies MARS Serbia and IDEA donated 1.5 tones of food for dogs and cats in order to help the societies for animal protection HELP ANIMALS, PEOPLE FOR ANIMALS and to our PHOENIX Society.