21aug-350Every third Saturday of August is the World Day of Abandoned Animals. This year, organization Feniks marked this day by organizing the street-stand on Slavija square, together with colleagues from organizations Help Animals, Freedom for Animals and NOA, where abandoned animals were being offered for adoption and info-educational material distributed to citizens.

This event also marked the beginning of our campaign Be part of the solution, not part of the problem! designed to raise public awareness on issues of abandoned animals, causes and remedies to this problem. Two fliers accompany the campaign - Be part of the solution, not part of the problem - Neuter your pet and never abandon it! and Cats and dogs are no toys, where two main causes of stray animals are outlined: unwanted pet offspring and abandonment of pets, often resulting after a rash decision to adopt an animal, usually as a gift to a child.

We also wish to support institutions in solving of this problem by reminding them of several important measures that should be insisted upon:

  • marking of all pets (dogs and cats) as part of responsible ownership
  • CNR programme
  • shelter building
  • stimulation of pet neutering
  • educational campaigns on CNR and neutering programs.