During the night of March, 03 2010 a shack burned down and also two dogs locked inside. In one of Belgrade's suburbs inhabitants from the neighboring buildings improvised gardens where they grow some fruits and vegetables. At one of these lots they built also a small shack for two stray dogs.

FREE OF CHARGE sterilization of dogs and cats and help for abandoned dogs and cats at the Surgery Department of The Faculty for Veterinarian Medicine, phone 2684-154

The Shelter in Rakovica has been closed until further notice by order of The Republic Veterinarian Inspection until they meet the mandatory regulations and acquire the proper registration at competent authorities.

The information is given by Mr Dusan Ljustina, who is currently in position earlier occupied
by Mrs Tatjana Saper to whom the complaint was submitted.

Will the treatment of stray dogs and cats in the new City's Shelter in Rakovica be the same as in Belgrade City Pound in Ovča?