The Authorities of Backa Topola are morally responsible for death of Etela Merk. In a country, where even public institutions do not pay their electricity bills, the power supply has been never cut to them. But, the Electric Power Industry of Vojvodina cut off power supply to her because a debt of only 450 euros. Instead of cooperating and working togather with her on the problem of abandoned animals, the Authorities pasively sabotaged the work of Etela Merk. They forgot that solving this problem was not a matter of their good will, but their obligation, defined by law.

This tragedy should be a warning to all other local self-managements across Serbia to "open their eyes" and start solving problems in human, efficient and civilized way.

Etela was an artist, painter and a great animal lover. Etela left behind her a daughter and a son and hundreds of dogs and cats to whom she saved lives puting them up in her asilum and many paintings, as well. She died in fire that broke in her house on the ranch near Backa Palanka during night between 7th and 8th March, 2011. The fire was most probably caused by flame of a candle.