And, after 'The Farm'.... comes 'The Court'! Again one TV reality show in which misuse of animals serve to entertain audience. The Pink TV persists in careless attitude towards animals. Instead of promoting positive values, they exhibit in their new TV serial usual lack of concern, care and responsibility towards animals. As many as 23 puppies have been brought to the set just to become toys for grown up participants, while some of them couldn't hide feeling of disgust at puppies, so that a kick or screaming or dropping from hands happens 'accidentally'. Let's name as good examples Ms Vesna Tripic and Ms Baby Doll who try to help puppies.

A duty veterinarian gave instructions to the participants how to take care about dogs, he ordered them to build boxes for them and ... that was all. Most of the participants know nothing about rearing of animals, proper nourishment, their behaviour etc. and the same story that happened during The Farm show repeats. The 'Court' is engaged in taking care of animals without knowing anything about them and they can't help them in given circumstances that are stressful and threatening and that will provoke unfavourable consequences concerning their health and later behaviour. Unfortunately, this has been evident already. Some puppies became aggressive, as a sign of major fear, and others were utterly frightened and come to nobody. Sings of diarrhoea were obvious. In spite of vet's recommendations, the show participants leave puppies for to long outside at temperatures well bellow zero.

Were do the puppies come from? Who are their owners? How is it possible that nobody from outer world comes to check how they live? What will happen to them when the show ends? Where they are supposed to settle afterwards? These questions deserve a competent answer from the company officials, the same that were responsible to provide supervision of how the puppies have been treated during the Show.  Herewith we appeal to the authorised inspection to investigate where from and how the puppies were brought to the Show and what will happen to them when it ends.

In the same time, we make a plea to TV Pink to change their attitude towards animals and their taking part in reality show programs turning to responsible and human treatment of animals. TV shows of the kind have great influence on wide audience and therefore whatever happens to be presented with animals participating is of great importance. We are sure that with certain engagement of the 'Court’ participants the puppies would find their foster homes. Why this would not be one of the next tasks for participants? With an animal protection society as consultant, this 'task' could be successfully performed on satisfaction of TV audience and benefit for the puppies.