sajamocd-bilbordThe Second Fair of Civil Society Organizations that has for motto ,,Energy Networking“ will be held on 2nd and 3rd of July from 10 to 18 hours at Nikola Pasic's Square in Belgrade. Sixty non-governmental organizations will present their work, including also our ,,Fenix“ Society. At our stand, citizens will get information about everything that they find interesting in animal protection area and to learn about the campaigns we have started ,,Be a Part of a Solution and not of a Problem“, ,,Clean and Beautiful Without Cruelty“ and ,,Take off Cruelty, Put on Humanity“.

The first campaign is about the role of responsible ownership in solving the problem of abandoned animals.

The campaign ,,Clean and Beautiful without Cruelty“ is about our position towards using animals for experiments with only one sentence: ,,We are for total ban on using animal in experiment“. This would be possible to achieve primarily in cosmetic industry that has been already in progress in EU. The Directive 63 on use of animals for experiment has passed in September 2010 and according to this document the EU members have a deadline at the end of 2012 to harmonize their legislation and start applying the regulations in cosmetic industry placing total ban on experiments with animals. In order to help the turnover at the beginning  of 2013 in EU, The European Coalition to End Animal Experiments, ECEAE) started a campaign called ,,NO Cruel Cosmetics Campaign“ that will be supported by their members and observers. Our Society will take part in this campaign and start the activities on OCD Fair.

Trough our campaign called ,,Take off Cruelty, Put on Humanity“ we wish to point out at our fellow-citizens on cruel fur production methods and absurdity of existence of natural fur industry, because very good and quality copies of artificial fur and skin already exist.

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