During last days of August 2011, a dog has been mutilated in the town of Smederevo, Serbia. His fore left and hind left paws were cut off. Few days before that happened, in town of Kraljevo, Serbia, the neck of a dog was skinned and the dog left bleeding to death. In April 2010, female dog called Mila was mutilated so that all four her paws were cut off. This black chronicle tells us about increasing violence towards animals in Serbia. Abuse and murder of animals is always an introduction to abuse and murder of men. By our numerous memoranda we have warned many times competent authorities. We also pointed out that by not performing necessary operations and by not applying properly The Wellfare Animal Law and the Penal Code, the competent authorities encourage those who maltreat animals to continue to demonstrate their lowest instincts. Current increase of violence in our society is obvious and could be stopped only by a broad action that would cover all aspects of life in which violence shows and particularly in the field of animal's protection.