The societies for the protection of animals “Freedom for Animals”, “Phoenix” and “Humans for Animals” have organised a meeting that will be held in front of the monument to Prince Mihailo on Republic Square in Belgrade, and will run from 11:55 to 14:00. Symbolically, the meeting is going to start at 5 minutes to 12:00 in order to emphasize the urgent need to start the implementation of the animal welfare laws.

“Freedom for Animals”, “Phoenix” and “Humans for Animals” want to draw attention to all forms of abuse, exploitation and killing of animals, and to express their stand against abuse and killing of animals on fur farms, in laboratories, hunting, in farms for factory farming and slaughterhouses, in illegal shelters for abandoned animals, circuses and zoos ...

The three Societies emphasize that the animal welfare is a new concept in Serbia, and almost completely unaccepted. In a country where there is a strong tradition of hunting and poaching, where there are organised visits to zoos for small children, where wearing fur is still a matter of prestige, and nobody cares about the unimaginable suffering of fur animals, where people deny the hellish conditions on farms and in slaughterhouses, unfortunately, the same treatment and indifference are reserved for the species that are closest to us - dogs and cats.

Education of citizens, as well as punishment for the abandonment, abuse and killing of animals even today, more than three years since the adoption of the Animal Welfare Act is almost non-existent, and the role of civil society organizations is still not recognized.

It the evening at 7pm at the Belgrade Youth Centre, the representatives of the three Societies and many renowned experts will speak about animal welfare issues.