In occasion of National Pet Day, representatives of societies: Hope for Animals – Riska, Link Plus and Feniks, visited the citizens of Obrenovac and their pets, evacuated because of massive May floods, temporarily located at the Faculty of Physical Education at Košutnjak. This is one of the rare centers which accepted the evacuated with their pets.

We remind that many people were not allowed to bring their pets when they were evacuated. Desperate owners are trying to locate their pets via societies. 

We want for the government to enable the rescue of the abandoned pets, and therefore we sent a report to the Minister of Defense, to Minister of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, and Chief of sector for Emergency Situations of Ministry of Internal Affairs, demanding that the citizens in the flooded areas should get help for their pets and other animals, and that headquarters for veterinary medicine should be founded with every crisis headquarters, like the one which exists in Obrenovac.

Translated by: Katarina Samurović