Although almost five weeks passed since the experiment on dogs has been banned, citizens are still not allowed to adopt Germans shepherds belonging to Serbian Military. Dogs are still at VMA facilities. On May 7th, the societies Hope for Animals-Riska, Link Plus and Feniks, have sent a report to minister of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, informing that they have updated the charge brought against the Institute for Medical Research of VMA, and also informing that the veterinary inspection still hasn't performed a control regarding the last charge, brought on April 7th.

We hereby remind the public that it was planned that the eight German shepherds were to be unlawfully euthanized after the experiment that has been conducted against the Animal Welfare Law, without the permission of the minister of agriculture, and which is in essence unjustified, because it has been conducted before on animals and humans, and there are corresponding scientific data. The Law predicts that experiments are conducted on animals that had been bred for the purpose, and only if they have been approved.

The societies sent a statement to chief-of-staff of Military Health Management, saying that they would like to get the dogs as soon as possible, and have even been ready to buy them out, since they have been officially informed that the animals that have no further use in the Ministry of Defense and Serbian Military, are given away by the commission formed by the minister of defense or an authorized person, with charge or free of charge; the basic criteria for selling of the animal being the highest price offered, along with the statement made by the buyer that he/she would apply the animal welfare measures.

Since the report sent to the societies form the Ministry of Defense says that the request for experiments on dogs in question came from Serbian Academy of Science and Arts (SANU), the three societies have also contacted the SANU president, and stated that the SANU members should have in mind that our law has recognized the status of animals as sensitive creatures, and rejected the notion that animals can be inflicted with pain and caused stress, fear, and suffering. It is necessary that all the parties in question apply the existing regulations, sincerely involved with creating a more humane, tolerant society, and in that sense, the societies expect significant help from SANU.

Translated by: Katarina Samurović