ogledne-rexOn April 23 2014, Society for the Protection of Animals and Development of Civic Consciousness "Phoenix" marked the World Day for Laboratory Animals with the panel debate “Animal testing – yes or no?”, at the Cultural Centre Rex in Belgrade. Cultural Centre Rex is a center of contemporary art and cultural practice.  The aim of  Rex’s projects is to educate and empower individuals and groups to express themselves and their ideas, to develop understanding of social relationships and to use their knowledge and skills in a creative way.

Our guest was Prof. PhD Zoran Todorović, president of the Ethics Council for the protection of animals used for scientific purposes of the Republic of Serbia and president of  Bioethics Society of Serbia, who gave an interesting lecture about the history of animal protection, legislation and alternatives to animal models.

Coordinator of our team for the laboratory animals, Daniela Matović, spoke about NO Cruel Cosmetics Campaign of The European Coalition to End Animal Experiments, ECEAE. As introduction for this presentation audience had the opportunity to see an animated film “Sensless animal experiments” that we adapted for the Serbian-speaking countries in the consultation with the German organization - Doctors against animal experiments.

We hope that we were able to inform the public about the welfare of laboratory animals and bring closer the arguments in favor of animal-free research and alternatives that can completely replace animal models.

Translated by: Dragana Lukić