Europe said NO to cruel cosmetic

On 27th April 2013, on Nikola Pasic Square in Belgrade, Association Fredom For The Animals and Society for the Protection of Animals and Development of Civic Consciousness "Phoenix" marked the International Day For The Protection of Experimental Animals under the motto “Europe said NO to cruel cosmetic”.
2013 is the year of historic victory for animals in Europe in the field of cosmetic industry. On 11th March became effective ban on the sale and import of products and ingredients, as well as personal care products which are tested on animals anywhere in the world. After 23 years of struggle, European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE, established in 1990) achieve a ban on animal experiments in the cosmetic industry in Europe.
At Nikola Pasic Square we have set up stalls with information and educational material. We have informed the citizens that, annually, in the world, in the experiments disappear around 150 million vertabrates (about 10 % of this number is used in Europe). Most often used animals in the experiments are mice and rats, then rabbits, guinea pigs, dogs, cats, monkeys, horses, pigs etc. Most of the animals are grown with purpose on special farms but some of them are caught in the wild and transported to the laboratory.
Day Protection Of Experimental Animals (24 April) marks from 1979 on the initiative of The International Association Against Painful Experiments On Animals (IAAPEA). Associations for the protection of animals around the world mark this day with actions and happenings that remind us how many animals lives in pain and die under torture for the sake of the progress of science, our health and beauty.
In Serbia, legal regulation that protect experimental animals includes:
  • Animal welfare act (from 2009),
  • Regulation on the welfare of experimental animals (from 2010) and
  • European convention for the protection of vertebrate animals used in experimental and other scientific purposes (ratified in 2010).
What each of us can do :
  • Inform yourself about the situation in the field of experimental animals and talk about it to everyone you know.
  • Support the campaigns for the ban of animal experiment.
  • Be a donor of action which are directed to banning animal experiments.
  • Buy products that are not tested on animals – products for beauty, personal care an home cleaning things that have a sign “Leaping Bunny”, which are cruelty free.

Translated by: Tatjana Milić Babić


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