The reality program called “Big brother” (broadcast on 03 April 2013) was promoted violence (trampling of mice). On this occasion, we sent a complaint to the RBA against B92 television, where mentioned show was displayed, and against the production company Emotion, which organized the killing of mice.

TV B92 is holder of national frequency. Its program is watching all over the country and that meens responsibility for broadcasting, responsibility toward the audience and the state, too.

Abuse and killing animals is a criminal offense under the Article 269. Criminal Code of the Republic of Serbia (provided punishment is between one and three years in prison).

For a long time ago, there is evidence in psihology that linking violence toward animals and violence toward humans. Therefore, it is a huge responsibility of the national media frequency in the selection of programs broadcast to the citizens of Serbia.

Translated by: Tatjana Milić Babić