Society, in general, have become too tolerant towards violence. From killing animals to killing a man is needed just one small step. In order to prevent violence against people, we need to seriously act against violence on animals.

From the press we find out that was arrested man who killed four puppies with a shovel on the Zemun market. None of the observers did not dare to act, except one person who reported the crimes to the police next day. How can anyone sleep at night after watching this scene? Do we know that such a person, tomorrow, could strike someone else's child? Maybe these issues are for the experts: psychologists, sociologists, psychiatrists…

At the other hand, there is a reasonable fear of bullies because of insufficient possibilities of protecting honest citizens who report violence. If abusers who killing animals passing with a mild punishments, citizens are afraid to react because of the perpetrator’s retaliation and real sense of insecurity - where we're going as a so-called humanely society?

The suspect was arrested and interrogated. We welcome the action by the police. We are expect that the prosecutor will initiate proceedings and that the monster will come to court. We are expect that the judge will give the maximum sentence. And finally, we are expect the termination of tolerance for violence against animals. Otherwise - we all will be the victims.

Translated by: Tatjana Milić Babić